Jac-Cen-Del Eagles Logo

We are the Eagles!

We are grounded in tradition while always looking to what the future may hold in education. We are excited to announce that we are revamping our entire curriculum to align to state standards and to align corporation-wide. We have a strong presence in project-based learning. This concept is about using our hands and our brains to conquer the toughest of questions. Our teachers are equipped with the necessary tools and resources to motivate every student to their highest educational capabilities.

Located in Southeastern Indiana resides the town of Osgood in Center Township of Ripley County. Osgood, much like the schools, has made a mission of keeping the community looking pristine and well kept. With new sidewalks and a glorious, long, walking path, among many other amenity upgrades, Osgood shines with pride.

The administration recognizes the need to keep the community at the heart of every building which is why we are making it our mission to give back and be more represented visually and remain as a positive voice in the community. Together we will see our students thrive through the rigorous and challenging curriculum. Together we will see them accomplish goals in athletics. Together we will see them succeed in their lives to be productive citizens that can give in the way we give to them today.

Thank you for believing us and thank you for being a part of the positive change, academically and personally, for our students!

Supt. of Schools

Mr. Sam Melton
723 N Buckeye Street
Osgood, IN 47037
eMail: smelton@jaccendel.k12.in.us
Tel: (812) 689-4114
Fax: (812) 689-7423

HS Principal

Mr. Frederick Unsicker
4586 N US 421
Osgood, IN 47037
eMail: funsicker@jaccendel.k12.in.us
Tel: (812) 689-4643
Fax: (812) 689-5632

Interim Activities Coordinator

Mr. Paul Stone
4586 N US 421
Osgood, IN 47037
eMail: pstone@jaccendel.k12.in.us
Tel: (812) 689-4643
Fax: (812) 689-5632

Elementary Principal

Mrs. Dee Budd
4544 N US 421
Osgood, IN 47037
eMail: dbudd@jaccendel.k12.in.us
Tel: (812) 689-4144
Fax: (812) 689-5909